Tips in choosing your giveaways on specific occasions:

It’s probably part of the expectations of every guests that the host will be giving away souvenirs or giveaways as a way of saying thank you after the event. Is this really mandatory? Well, personally speaking not really but if you have the means to provide your guests little tokens of appreciation then why not do so. This is one way of showing them that we are thankful of their time and effort in attending the ceremony or celebration that we have planned


Some people would really like to shop or source out their own giveaways whenever there is a special occasion on their family. It makes them feel elated that they are personally in charge of giving out souvenirs for their family and friends. Volunteering to take charge of the giveaways is also a good idea. In this article we will be talking about some of the best or common gift suggestions for different occasions.

Company parties: Unique corporate gifts are somehow required to be given to employees attending the said event. Souvenirs coming from the company accompanied by certificates of appreciation are a good combination to uplift the morale of the employees. Good gift examples for office workers are pens, notebooks, mouse pads, mugs, jackets or sweatshirts for them to wear during cold weathers. Its better to reach out and contact a supplier who has a website so you would be able to have an idea of the items that they are selling.


Wedding giveaways: Almost all weddings have a certain budget allocated for their souvenirs and it can be quite pricey depending on your choice. You should prepare for at least six months in advance when sourcing out for a trusted supplier that can deliver your orders on time. You have enough time to do the necessary costings. Instead of choosing to give generic gifts to the guests it would be nice to choose for practical gifts that your guests can use for a very long time. Wines, food (pastries and chocolates), wallets, coin purse are good and practical choices since the guests would be able to use them even after the wedding.

Baptismal giveaways: Baptism ceremonies are always special and intimate especially for first time parents. There are times wherein first time mothers wanted their guests and god parents wanted to make their gifts more personal by doing “do it yourself” gift ideas. You can create an account in Pinterest and get a lot of ideas on what to do. You tube tutorials are also available just in case.


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