Proper First Response for you iMac Emergency

A sudden error comes up, your precious iMac suddenly won’t respond, it’s dying. What do you do in this situation? What are the first immediate steps you should take to help prevent your iMac from going into the light? The following are some useful and helpful steps you can take to help identify the problem so that you can tell the professionals what went wrong.

Who to call

When your iMac is in trouble knowing who to call is important. Simply run a search for “imac repair singapore” or such and you should get a list of helpful sites with the people to fix the problem or self help instruction on how you can fix the problem. But before you call them, try the following so you can help speed up the process.

Note the errors

This is the most important step that you can do to help with solving your problem. Most faults in the iMac will throw an error message. Make sure to write down exactly what the error says or even take a picture or a screen shot of the error message. This information will be very useful for you if you want to check online to see what happened or to inform the repair person, so that they don’t waste time and know exactly what to do.

Remember when and remember what

Remembering the first time when an error occurred and also each time an error occurred is very important. Additionally it will help greatly if you remember what you were doing or what you did just before the error occurred. This will help you or the repair person narrow down the list of suspects that maybe the root cause of the error you are facing.

Checking the Software

One very common reason for a fault to occur is because the software you were trying to use is not up to date and therefore it ran into a problem working on your iMac. Make sure your software are all up to date and that the software is compatible with your current version of you iMac Operating System (OS). It is quite common for software to have difficulty working with your iMac OS especially when the OS is newer and the software does not know how to interact properly with the new OS. The fault could be a simple issue needing a quick, small update of the software.

Once you have covered these basic first steps you should be in a very stable and sure position to call for help. You can now go to the list of people you found in the first step and make your call for help.


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