Grieving the loss of a loved one

Death is finality like nothing else. Why it is so hard for us to fathom is not even remotely beyond comprehension. We just cannot accept that a certain person is not in our lives anymore. Be it a parent, a child, spouse or even a best friend, we always dream of things to do and how life will be lived with them, than thinking even remotely how life would be without them.


Coping with a loss


It will surely depend on whom you lost and in what manner. Sometimes deaths are so sudden that we are not even aware of what occurred.  Especially we see when an unfortunate incident such as an accident happens, family members and friends are so shocked that they don’t miss the person until some time has passed and things are settled down. Then comes the hardest part as the void in the house, in life, is felt more than ever. Religion teaches us to appreciate what we have; it no doubt applies to loving and caring about people in your life as well.

Modern principle of using people and loving things


The modern world has changed a lot. Earlier people used to love other people and use materialistic things. In this digitalised world humans have taken a backseat. People now use people to fulfill their objectives and goals and they love things. They buy more and more stuff; and let more and more people get away. They fill their lives with so much of things, which don’t actually have a real value when it comes to the actual meaning of life. It is said that you won’t miss the water until the well runs dry. Similarly you would not miss the people in your life until they are taken away by some unexpected incident. Once that happens there is no point of buying the most expensive casket package Singapore as that is not going to bring that person back.

Let them go happily


Best way to cope with a loss is to let them go happily. If you really think about it, grief is all about repenting; you think of “so many things that could have happened, things you would have done” if only, the person is alive. Why didn’t you go ahead and do at least some of it when this person was alive? This remorse you feel is because you did not have time for someone who loved you so much when they were alive. It is commonly seen when a parent passes away; you must not forget their unconditional love. Even though you can never match it, at least fulfilling some of their wishes when they are still alive can reduce the repentance.


Losing a loved one is not easy. But what is really hard is living with regret knowing you never treated them right. So act today and show love to the world around you.





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