Accessorizing tips to follow

Just like garnishing ensures that a dish is complete, accessorizing ensure an outfit is complete. And so, to make sure you achieve this complete look, you need to accessorize smart. So here are some tips for you.

Match to the occasion 

There are so many things you could use to accessorize an outfit. A huge hat, some fancy shades, a long clutch and even jewelry. However, like clothes, accessories too need to match the event or function that they are been worn for. For an instance you can’t wear shades for a sit-down formal dinner or wear shiny and colorful jewelry for a funeral! So when you are picking out your accessories whether it is bespoke custom jewelry in singapore or not, always make sure that they suit the occasion and place you are wearing them for.

Keep it simple when a lot is going on

If you are wearing an outfit with a lot going on in terms of the pattern and work, then the accessories you would use for it has got to be simple. A lot of patterns and huge accessories makes the entire outfit look gaudy and that is not something you would want. So if you are wearing an outfit with a lot of patterns go for solid colored bracelets, earrings or even watch. This way the simplicity of these balances and brings out the beauty of the entire outfit!

Highlight the face with huge earrings

If you are wearing a simple dress or if you want your face and makeup to be the highlight of the day, then the best tip to follow would be to wear huge earrings. You know those that are shaped funny and glitter a little to bright. However when you are choosing these, do consider the shape of your face and what would look good on you to bring out the best. So if you have a heart shaped face you might want to go for drop earrings that aren’t too long that they touch your neck, and for those with oval faces triangular earrings or studs would do.

Match jewelry to your skin

The jewelry you choose should not only go with your outfit but they should also work well with your skin tone. So if you have a darker skin tone then going for gold shaded jewelry would make you look your best, and if you are a more cool skin toned person then it silver it is! White gold is also an excellent choice for those with cool skin tones looking to try a mix of gold and different.

Use the above tips when dressing up for any occasion and accessorize your outfit like a pro!


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