5 Ways to Present without a PowerPoint

It can be quite stressful, as a university student, when you have a lot of assignments due during a semester. These assignments can be a combination of long research essays and in class presentations. Research essays can be boring as it requires a lot of reading and you have to make sure it makes sense when you do your report. A presentation though, even if you have to be accurate, allows you to be creative. In fact as part of the marking criteria being creative and how you engage or get an audience to react is a significant. Typically people use PowerPoint to do their presentation. This can be quite dull and boring if everybody does it. So how can you be more different? Well here are five ways for you to present without a power point.


A video is an effective way of getting your audience’s attention. Since we are addicted to watching videos not only are they going to watch it but most likely going to understand what your presentation is about. It’s best to keep the video short, humorous and interesting.


Instead of having 20 slides on PowerPoint why not just summarise into one big poster or even better a banner. You can design it anyway you want and you can have a different size pull up banner printing done. It’s great because it allows you to present more effectively by focusing on the banner and not pressing keys to get on to the next slide.


How about doing your presentation while explaining it on a whiteboard? The audience is already used to seeing this when it comes to their lecturer teaching them. Using whiteboard shows how active you are and how creative you can be to explain things spontaneously. Of course you could plan it well beforehand or rehearse it and when it comes time to present you could easily write what you want on it.


If you are creative enough you could manage to pull it off but it really depends on the presentation you are giving. Music, just like the video, is a great ice breaker before moving on to the juicy part of the presentation. If you want to use music during certain parts of the presentation then use catchy soundtracks that can catch your audience attention.


Be a creative storyteller. This can help you immensely in being a public speaker and classmates would label you brave for attempting to the presentation without visual aid.

The biggest thing is to engage and keep the audience’s attention on your presentation. If they go straight to their phones that means they’re not interested and it can hurt your confidence as you present. Asking a question or two before presenting can set the tone early on for an interactive presentation.

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