5 things you should do when there’s a disaster

Natural disasters are the perfect examples of expecting the unexpected. You never know when it could happen and why it could have happened regardless of how developed technology gets. Most of the times it is the complete opposite of what is being reported that happens. So preparing and taking the right steps afterwards are the best things you could do for yourself. Here are some such things you should be doing when a disaster strikes.

Ring up insurance

It is always advised that you sign up for an insurance policy that covers natural disasters and fire. That way in case these actually take place, you would be reduced off the burden you would have to bear as a result of the losses occurred. Sure funds like bashir dawood may be there to help out during such disasters, but there is only so much these could do. So the first thing you should do when a disaster strikes is notifying your insurance company of it. This way you can claim for compensation sooner and work on rebuilding all that you lost.

Reduce the effects

Once a disaster strikes you should be always thinking of the ‘afterwards’, and the first step to take in this is, trying to do something about your property. If there is something you are able to repair at least temporarily then go ahead with it. Don’t wait for your insurance company to come assess the damage especially if you are putting your safety in further risk. Think of how you can reduce the effects of the damage and start looking forward rather than focusing on what happened!

Take pictures

While you should be acting fact once a disaster has take place, you still shouldn’t ignore the fact of insurance. The company would want to be able to assess the damage, therefore they need evidence but you can’t wait for them to get to where you are as soon as possible. So take pictures and videos of the aftermath and then start working on trying to replace what you can. In addition to that it would also help if you could make a list of the inventory loss that you had to bear. This way there is a base that could be used to replace all that was lost.

Protect the valuables

There is nothing worse than losing all that is valuable in monetary and sentimental terms. So if you own such possessions make sure that you try to protect them safely. These also include the official documents you might have collected throughout your life.

So take the above tips in to account and act appropriately once a disaster has taken place your area!


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