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Video Marketing for Health Coaches: It’s Not About You, It’s About the Message

Online Video Marketing for Health Coaches
Online Video Marketing for Health Coaches

‘A fate worse than death.’

That, according to most studies conducted into our deepest fears, is how most of us would describe public speaking.

Incredible as this seems, we can all relate to the acute anxiety that speaking in front of a room of strangers brings up.

But what if that ‘room’ expanded infinitely to include everyone with internet access? This is the reality that online video marketing offers us – and is the topic of the conversation Healthpreneur had with Video Visibility Coach, Luchia Dragosh.And while that statistic might be frightening, it also reveals the potential of online video marketing to help you:

  • Share your expertise & be of help to others via an engaging, digestible format
  • Get your health coaching business in front of the right people
  • Reach & impact more people than has been possible at any other time in history

We spoke to Luchia about why your mindset is standing in the way of your success

Sanity-saving key:

Luchia Dragosh = LD

Healthpreneur = HP

Online Video Marketing for Health Coaches
Online Video Marketing for Health Coaches

HP: Luchia, we love your title, ‘The Video Visibility Coach’. Tell us how long have you been in the world of online video production & what made you decide to set up on your own as The Video Visibility Coach?

LD: I’ve been in entertainment almost all my life – starting with ballet back home in Bulgaria. After watching and listening to American singers I fell in love with modern dance and mostly Paula Abdul (I’m not that old, I just started young …wink, wink). It was then that my ‘American Dream’ was born and I started dreaming about moving to the USA day and night.

Unfortunately Communism in Bulgaria meant that there was zero chance of that happening – though that didn’t stop me visualising it every night. A few years later, after Communism’s collapse I moved to Turkey to work in a dance company and teach in a dance school at the same time. It took me 14 years of dreaming but in 2000 I moved to New York, which was the happiest day of my life. On that day I decided to make the most out of each and every day to follow.

After graduating from a 4-year acting program, I wrote, directed and had the lead role in a feature film about human trafficking. Gradually I made the transition from on-camera to behind the camera. My natural curiosity led me to dive deep into editing and to find out how all the pieces are put together.

Fast forward 10 years & I was working as a Senior Video Journalist at a TV station (no, not Fox News ; ). I had to be on camera each day, write voice-over copy, edit, produce and operate the camera. It was scary & sometimes overwhelming – I honestly didn’t know what I was getting into. But I’m glad that I did it because it gave me the opportunity to make the mistakes along the way that helped me polish & refine my technical skills.

I eventually realised how passionate I am about the issues women face and by helping women tell their unique stories. This was the reason that I started my online channel, Woman2Woman TV, where I help women create talk shows and share their message with the world.

That (lengthy) journey was what led me to create my online business as a Video Visibility Coach

Going out on my own has meant that I am now able to reach even more women (and coaches in particular) than ever before. It’s also meant that I can work with service-based entrepreneurs & help them create videos that:

  • Expand their visibility online
  • Allow them to reach millions (literally)
  • Develop their crucial know/like/trust factor
  • And most importantly of all…
  • Increase their impact on the world

HP: What role does online marketing play in your business? Were you always aware of its value and, if not, what brought you round to it?

LD: I truly believe that there has never been a better time in human history for people to connect with others, make a difference in the world and at the same time generate income in such an accessible way, through the use of video. This is our chance to make the best out of it.

I wasn’t fully aware of the value of online marketing & online video marketing until I conducted in-depth market research for my video coaching business. It was then that I discovered how many women wanted to be visible, to stand out and to reach & impact the lives of millions online.

As is the case in all of our businesses, we adapt based on what the market tells us. So while I initially planned to teach only the technical elements of making videos, I realised that making videos isn’t my clients’ pain point – but the mindset around being visible online is.

HP:To follow on from that, what was it that really drove you to choose online video marketing & online visibility coaching as your niche?

LD: While at acting school I remember being deeply saddened by witnessing how so many talented, hardworking actors were too modest and shy to share their brilliance and really reveal who they were. Coming from a culture in which excessive modesty & not talking about who your are and what you were was the expected norm, I was able to see how damaging that was.

The combination of modesty & fear is one of the major reasons why people shy away from making themselves visible and talking about what they have to offer…

…but you have to! You must if you want your message and services to reach millions & change their lives. As a Healthpreneur, you have an even bigger responsibility to put yourself out there because there are so many people desperate to improve their health and you hold the key to that.Those people need the exercise routines, the eating plans, the step-by-step blueprints you offer that can help them fit into their pre-pregnancy jeans or lose the 10lb that will get them into their bridal dress.

I’m tired and frustrated with seeing talented people afraid to put themselves out there, hiding behind excuses. Yes it’s scary and yes, it can be hard work but the rewards are tremendous.

HP:What is the major obstacle your clients face when it comes to creating their own online marketing videos?

LD: One of the biggest challenges we all face is the fear of being on camera. Some of my clients realise that, while others hide behind the techie stuff, like ‘I have to have such-and-such a camera’. This is very much thinly-veiled procrastination.

Fear is real and is not to be taken lightly because if it isn’t faced head-on & embraced, you will not be able to achieve much. We all know that the great things in life come from stepping out of our comfort zone(s). This applies just as much to online video marketing.

Being on video takes us out of our comfort zone simply because we are afraid that we will be judged, criticised and laughed at.

When I first started on-camera work I was debilitated by severe anxiety during interviews. I was terrified that people wouldn’t take me seriously because of my accent and that my boss would one day realise what a terrible mistake he’d made!

It was an awful experience to be on camera and be conscious of every word I was saying. I couldn’t stand editing the videos later and having to look at and listen to myself.

One day I realised that my anxieties were getting worse and that negative self-talk was the culprit. I had to put a stop to it.

What followed was a serious deep dive into self-help books, podcasts, videos and the development of a step-by-step system that helped me to embrace my anxieties and make fear my friend.

The fear is still there and if there’s one thing I know for certain it’s that it’s never going away. You just have to do things despite it.

HP: Knowing how real the fears attached to creating and broadcasting our own online video marketing is, how would you recommend overcoming them?

LD: The resistant voice will always be there. Rather than trying to fight it, accept it and know that you are not alone in feeling that way.One thing that helps is mindset work which I do daily. The real crucial thing is to take the focus away from you.

The way to do that is by focusing on the message you share, the value you offer and the help you provide.When you do that, it is no longer about you. There are people out there who need what only you have to offer and your message should therefore be the main focus.

You have the power to change people’s lives with your message so it’s no overstatement to say that it’s your duty to share it with the world. Online video marketing is one of the most effective ways to do that.

I recommend doing 10 minutes of mindset work before you go on camera. My personal practice is to write a few affirmations such as:

  • “My experience is unique and people need what I offer”
  • “The value I provide with my message helps change people’s lives”

You can make yours even more specific to whatever topic you are sharing that day in your video.

It’s also incredibly important to always remember with online video marketing that you are talking to a person. It’s not a lens that you are talking to but rather a single person – your ideal client (yes, just one person). Choose one ideal client that you have right now or that you’ve had in the past & imagine you’re talking directly to him or her.

The minute you start to think about the camera, the lens and the naysayers, you will be thrown off. It takes practice & that’s one of the reasons why it’s so important to be consistent and persistent because it does get easier with time.

HP: Do you have any tips on how to deal with negative feedback/trolls Healthpreneurs might face when they broadcast live or use online video marketing?

LD: The more visible you become online (and in ‘real life’) the more haters and naysayers you’ll have. It just comes with the territory. Know one thing, people can be mean and their comments can make one of two things happen.

  1. They can paralyse you and make you play safe, never grow and never reach your potential
  2. They can make you develop a thick skin, produce even more work and grow

The only way to deal with the negative comments is to ignore them and think of them as a reflection of who the person making the comment is. It has nothing to do with you & everything to do with them.It’s hard, it really is – and it’s against our human nature, but there isn’t a way around it. We have no control over what people say or do – but we always have control over how we react.

The more visible you become, the more mindset work you’ll need to do to help you stay focused and not get distracted.

HP: We loved talking to you about the power of video, Luchia. You’ve really opened our eyes to the fact that it has the potential to make a profound impact on people’s lives far beyond what one might think a ‘marketing channel’ could.

You’ve also really motivated us to get going with our own video marketing – so thank you again.

For more on Luchia, the amazing work she does and how she can help you harness the power of video, visit her site at www.luchiadragosh.comIn the next ‘Becoming a Healthpreneur’ post we talk to nutritionist and creator of Wendy's Way To Health, Wendy Hodge on how & why she transitioned from 1-to-1 client consultations to producing ebooks & digital products - and why doing so could be the right approach for your health coaching business. .

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