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6 Steps to Grow Your Health Coaching Business through Content Marketing


'Content': the new currency of the internet

77% of entrepreneurs are using content marketing as part of their wellness marketing strategy. In other words, the vast majority of health coaching business owners are actively creating content in an effort to grow their businesses.

First things first, what is 'content' anyway?

As you'll see in the definition below, 'content' is simply a catch-all term for any text, imagery, audio or video that you create and post online. When created strategically it fits into the framework below:

Content marketing is the strategic creation of content (text, imagery, audio, or video) that delivers a relevant and interesting message to a customer or prospect while at the same time paving the way for a sale. - Sonia Simone

The internet has changed the way your clients find you

Whatever your potential client's health struggle, she is now taking an altogether different journey to get from ‘person with a problem’ to satisfied, loyal customer.

But what journey is your ideal client taking - and what does that knowledge empower you to do?

Answering those crucial wellness marketing questions begins with focusing on the experience your business - and the content you produce - offers your ideal client. And while this might seem complex, approaching it with a mindset of empathy towards your ideal client will reveal how simple it really is.

Your ideal client's journey from sufferer to customer

Where should content fit into your wellness marketing strategy?

To better understand your customer’s journey - and the role content plays in it - let’s put ourselves in her shoes for a moment as she attempts to find a solution to an ailment that’s been troubling her for months.

You’re a health coaching business owner with an impressive set of qualifications and you offer the exact service she so desperately needs and wants.

Out of the thousands of health coaching business owners out there, how & why does she choose you?

For today’s customers that question can be answered with a single word: content

Sara’s journey from sufferer to loyal customer

Meet Sara.

Your ideal client
Your ideal client
  • She’s a 28-year-old newly-wed mother of two young boys.
  • She tries her best to eat well but the demands of motherhood and a full-time job mean she’s often grabbing whatever’s at arm's length.
  • She recently discovered that she suffers from insulin resistance.

You’re a nutritional therapist who specialises in treating young mothers suffering from metabolic syndrome.

That makes Sara your ideal client

Before diving in, download our blog planning template to bring focus to your content creation.

Step 1: The search for a solution starts online

When she discovered her condition, Sara felt like the world had been swept out from beneath her feet. The demands of her life hadn’t changed. The kids still needed to be fed. Deadlines at work hadn’t suddenly melted away. And now, on top of everything else, she had to learn a whole new way of eating and self care. Oh and she needed to avoid stress...

The first thing Sara does is to turn to the internet for information on how to manage her condition. During her lunch break Sara opens up an incognito window in Google and searches for ‘does insulin resistance mean I’ll get type-2 diabetes?’.

Step 2: Discovering your expertise through content

As a health coaching business owner with her finger on the pulse of wellness marketing that works while it helps, you have a solid content strategy in place. That means that you regularly create relevant, well-thought-out content designed to help your ideal clients overcome their health problems.

Because of the expertise you’ve demonstrated in the blog posts you’ve written about metabolic syndrome in general, and insulin resistance in particular, Google ranks you highly and places one of your posts just below WebMD on the search results page.

Sara’s been down the rabbit hole that is WebMD before and instead clicks on the link to your blog post. In it you explain the causes of insulin resistance, provide much-needed reassurance that it’s a highly treatable condition and offer practical nutritional solutions to help Sara cope.

Step 3: Following your blog and joining your email list

She’s gotten so much value from the post that she ends up signing-up for your email list in which you offer a free 7-day course titled ‘The No-Stress Guide to Balancing Motherhood and Metabolic Syndrome’. She enters her private email address without a moment’s hesitation.

Step 4: Building your 'Know, Like and Trust’ factor

Over the next 7 days your email course is delivered to Sara’s inbox one valuable tip at a time. She looks forward to receiving your mail each day because of the expert insights and practical advice each one contains.

A few weeks pass and Sara’s applied much of your advice to her daily life. She’s more at ease with her condition and she’s got some great ideas on how to handle it. By now Sara considers you her go-to reference and she continues to follow the blog posts you create for your health coaching business.

Step 5: Solving Sara’s problem and gaining a loyal client

By now Sara’s gotten a lot of benefit from the information & resources you’ve provided - and you haven't asked her for anything in return. There hasn't been a single 'pitch' or sleazy, salesy moment. This is wellness marketing at its best.

When she receives an email from you detailing the new online program you’re launching in 2 weeks’ time you immediately have her attention. She follows the link to your landing page where she reads more about the 12-week one-to-one consultation and group mentorship program you’re offering.

Sara knows that you can help her solve a problem that’s close to her heart. She likes and identifies with you and your human approach. She trusts you because of your commitment to delivering content that educates her, gives her hope, helps her manage her condition and even shows her a lighter side to beating insulin resistance.

Scanning her way down your landing page she’s already digging in her purse for her debit card. Before you know it your health coaching business has a new customer.

Step 6: A big step closer to repeat custom

All of the clients in your health coaching business are valuable. They are, quite literally, its lifeblood. Yet customers do vary in their value to your business and Sara is on her way to becoming the best kind: the evangelist.

Your evangelists are the customers who refer other people to your health coaching business. They're the people who spread the word about you to anyone who’ll listen - whether that's in-person to friends and colleagues or via social media and email.

Gaining new customers with content is an organic process

We would be lying if we told you that creating content for health coaching business is a one-off effort that guarantees results. Just like a healthy diet or exercise habit, it requires an ongoing commitment to creating valuable resources for both your prospects and your existing clients.

Fortunately you’re in the health coaching business to help people & change the world and content is an incredibly powerful tool with which to achieve that.

Better yet, when used as part of a well-thought-out wellness marketing strategy, it has just as much value for your business as it does for your clients. People are magnetically drawn towards the combination of generosity and authority that lies at the heart of valuable wellness marketing.

The Skinny: how content draws your ideal client closer

  • Your potential client has a problem
  • Turning to the internet/social media she finds your content (blog/podcast/ebook)
  • She joins your audience by signing up for your free email course
  • You build your ‘know, like and trust’ factor by sending her useful, entertaining & educational content (emails, blogs etc)
  • When you make an offer, she trusts you and is highly receptive
  • You gain a loyal, long-term client who spreads the word about you
  • You listen to her feedback and use it to create content and products

Does content already have a place in your health coaching business?

As health and wellness business owners we got into the game not only to help people but also for the freedom & flexibility working on our own terms offers us. Wellness marketing that includes intentional, strategic content creation is the key to both of those.

So are you creating content already? Do you have a clear wellness marketing strategy based on your business goals?

Comment below and we'll see how we can help you get started or optimise the power of content in your health coaching business.

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