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The Essential Guide to Setting Up Your Health Coaching Business Online:   Part 2


This is part 2 of our 2-part series entitled: The Essential Guide to Setting Up Your Business Online. Read part 1 here

1. Wellness marketing online – where is the gold?

You’ve dedicated yourself to bringing health to your clients on a daily basis – and you recognise that nutrition is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal in your health coaching business.

In terms of keeping your health coaching business in rude health, online wellness marketing is the equivalent of personalised nutrition. It’s the ‘power tool’ that will enable you to grow, allow you to share your healing power & help clients find you.

The Magic of the ‘List’

When you first meet a new client there are certainly many approaches you could take and starting points you could choose. That said, you wouldn’t set off on any particular path without an initial consultation that establishes a base line.

For your online wellness marketing efforts, your email list is that base line – the very first thing you should put in place.

The role of the email list in an organic online marketing system

Our focus here in Part 2 of the Essential Guide is to look at the very core of online wellness marketing: offering your ideal clients a valuable resource in exchange for their email address (and permission to email them).

Your email list is truly an incredibly powerful tool in the arsenal of your health coaching business. It's the place where you build trust, grow authority with your audience and, most importantly, have express permission to communicate 1-to-1 with your clients.

All of that makes it the most effective place to make offers (40X more effective to be exact).

Your email list is the key to building trust, authority and income

2. Be helpful & provide unique value to grow your audience 

Let’s start by putting some nasty misconceptions to bed…

1. Online wellness marketing is not about advertising 2. Online wellness marketing is not about hype 3. Online wellness marketing is not the preserve of experts

In reality it's fundamentally about help – fantastic news considering that being of service is part of your DNA.

You’re operating within an industry that was worth $200 billion way back in 2014 and which continues to grow at the speed of light. And the best part is that the people searching for your services are turning to the internet to find you.

The million dollar question must surely then be, “How do I make sure I’m the one they find?”.

The answer to that question is, of course:

Being the person they encounter when looking for help with a specific health challenge.

...which requires clarity when it comes to knowing who you’re helping.

The way your ideal clients will find you – and then see you as the solution they’re looking for – is by ensuring that you clearly communicate the unique value in what you offer. This is where a profound understanding of your ideal client becomes crucial.

Once you know what your ideal client is struggling with (IBS, weight loss, hormonal imbalance), you’ll know not only what she wants but also (and more importantly) what she needs. That knowledge will enable you to tailor your website, your blog and the overall wellness marketing strategy of your health coaching business.

4. Giving your audience what they need – and want

Equipped with an understanding of who you’re talking to and what they want from you, you’re in the perfect position to start providing your audience with value.

But 'value' is such an amorphous term - what does it really look like in the cold light of day? But as with so many things wellness marketing related, the answer is 'it depends'. It depends entirely on the unique desires & foundational requirements of your audience.

So 'value' could take the form of expert advice, informed recommendations or insights into how they can solve specific problems they’re struggling with. It might be an ebook on cholesterol management, a shopping list template for celiacs or a yoga-pose playbook. The only way to know is to get to know your audience inside-out.

What to do once you know what your audience deems to be of value

While there are plenty of ways to do this, one highly-effective method is to offer a free (but valuable) ‘opt-in gift’ in exchange for their all-important email address.

Your opt-in gifts are limited only by your imagination and the needs of your target audience.

Great ideas might include: A free 15-minute consultation, diet planning PDF worksheet, weight-loss essentials checklist, coeliac-specific shopping list. 

The ideal opt-in gift combines your expertise with a solution your audience is searching for

The right opt-in gift is your first step into your potential client’s inbox. Done well, this is where trust and credibility start to be built.

Opt-in gifts that get it just right

Foodmatters • Addresses a specific desire (cleanse, detox and nourish) • Provides the details of what’s included (10 healthy juice recipes) • Relevant imagery that reinforces the value

Psychology of Eating: • Addresses a specific desire (positively alter your relationship to food) • Provides the details of what’s included (free video guide providing practical tools & insights) • Relevant imagery that reinforces the value

Dropbottle: • Addresses a specific desire (free detox water recipes) • Provides the details of what’s includes (full detox water recipe ebook) • Relevant imagery that reinforces the value

This might all seem like a lot to take in – but the key thing we’d like you to be clear about is that all of the online wellness marketing activities should be aligned with the ultimate goal of growing your list.

Where do your list-building efforts stand?

Are you already actively building your email list and seeing results from it? Perhaps you’ve started growing your list but are struggling with what you should be sending in your emails?

Whichever stage you’re at, join us in our List-Building Challenge and start creating an email list that consistently gets you the kind of clients you dream of.

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