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Email marketing: Nutrition for Your Health Coaching Business


Email marketing: nutrition for you online business image Remember the day you moved up from primary school to high school?

You were suddenly thrust into a new, exciting (overwhelming) environment and you had to fend for yourself.

Maybe it took a week, but you eventually came across someone on your level. You found a person you could connect with, whether on the basis of a common Madonna infatuation or a camaraderie arising from both having vegetarian mothers who classified crudités as appropriate lunch box fodder.

The point is that over time you formed a strong relationship - perhaps one that still exists today.

Email marketing in your health coaching business is exactly like that (though not always based on carrot sticks or the mutual appreciation of pop stars who should really just pack it in now.) You’re in the relationships business

As a professional who deals with clients on a 1-1 basis, trust & mutual respect are currency for your health coaching business.

That said, it’s accepted wisdom that you’ll need, on average, 7 ‘touch points’ with a potential customer before she becomes a new client. That’s a lot of interaction…

The good news is that email marketing has the power to do much of the hard work of relationship-building for you. All of which leaves you free to spend more time on helping clients & less time on wellness marketing.

What is this ‘email marketing’ of which you speak?

Email marketing is, quite simply:

The act of sending emails to a specific group of people (who have given you their express permission) with the intention of developing authority, being helpful and, ultimately, gaining new clients.

The 3 Reasons why email marketing is essential for your nutrition business

Email marketing: nutrition for you online business image

  1. Create a conversation: 1-1 emails are the perfect way to start a conversation, which you can then use to build trust with your subscribers
  2. Teaching sells: By educating your readers in your emails you teach them what they need to know in order to see the value in what you do - and become clients
  3. Set it and forget it: After creating a series of emails, you can set them to be triggered automatically, leaving you free to work with clients instead of monitoring your inbox

Reckon email marketing’s a good use of time in your health coaching business? (Hint: It is)

Join us in the Healthpreneur List-Building Challenge for 3 weeks of nutritionist-specific guidance, templates & the accountability you need to grow an ass-kicking email list. For real.

Look out for the next post in our email marketing series The 'Clean 15' Ways to Build Relationships Through Email Marketing.

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