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Perfectly-Balanced Email List Strategies to Get More Clients in Less Time


Double Your Email List in 3 Weeks or Less Traditional wellness marketing is as outdated as the food pyramid

You know first-hand how much noise there is out there. Whether on the radio, on TV, online or out in the real world, we’re assaulted from all sides by marketing messages and adverts crying out for our attention.

The Guardian reported that over the course of a day we encounter an average of 3,500 marketing messages, 99% of which have no impact whatsoever.

The common denominator across these messages is their attempt to distract you just long enough to get their message across.

Your email list is the foundation for your health coaching business

In sharp contrast to the ‘spray and pray’ marketing you encounter in your daily life, email marketing requires something fundamentally different: permission.

And in order to gain that permission you need to provide your prospective client with something she wants – something so valuable that she’ll willingly give you her email address and, along with it, permission to send her targeted emails.

3-Week perfectly balanced strategies for nutritionists

And once you’ve earned that access and the permission that comes with it? Then you have the opportunity to communicate with her in a relatively intimate space otherwise reserved for her colleagues, family and friends. This level of permission-based communication is the holy grail of wellness marketing.

Compare the level of attention your messages are likely to receive in her inbox with the attention an ad on the tube would get and you’ll begin to see just how important email marketing is to your business.

An exercise for optimum performance: Flexing your email muscles

We realise that just getting your head around this whole 'email list' thing can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created our email list challenge to provide you with bite-sized steps you can take to steadily gain email subscribers for your health coaching business through focused action.

What’s the goal of the email list challenge?

The 3-week challenge is broken into three separate stages, each designed to help you grow your list and then make real, measurable progress at gaining new ideal clients.

In Week 1 we’re setting out concrete steps you can take to attract your ideal client to your health coaching business - and then offer her a valuable resource that earns you access to her email inbox.

At each stage we’ll send you an email including useful resources & templates to guide you through the exact steps you should be taking.

One Strategy a Day to Build Your Email List: Week 1 

Day 1: Think Like Your Customer

We’ll be getting down to basics by looking at how understanding your ideal client gives you invaluable insights into her problems – and the solutions she’s looking for.

Day 2: Ask and You Shall Receive

Finding out what your customers want from you shouldn’t be a guessing game. On Day 2 we’ll be looking at ways to spark ideas, create useful resources and use feedback to evolve your business.

Day 3: Figuring Out Your Healthy Touch

You’ve gathered valuable feedback on what your audience is struggling with. Next up we’ll be working with that feedback to discover exactly how you can help through an irresistible opt-in offer.

Day 4: But What Shall I Offer?

You know the challenges your audience is facing. You know what makes you the ideal solution. You’ve thought about your opt-in. It’s time to plan out your compelling offer.

Day 5: A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Subscribers

On Day 5 sleeves will be rolling up all ‘round as you get down to actually creating your opt-in resource. Whether it’s a PDF checklist, eBook, or planning guide, you’ll be guided by your ideal client’s unique needs.

Ready to start building an indispensable asset for your nutrition business?


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