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Becoming a Healthpreneur: Wellness Marketing Strategies for your Health Business

wellness marketing strategies
wellness marketing strategies

Constantly feel like you’re trying to balance all of the spinning plates? This all-too-common malady can leave you frozen, frustrated and with no clue about what to do next to grow your health coaching business.

We’ve seen it before and it typically leaves a trail of despair and a plentiful supply of empty Häagen-Dazs tubs.

To help prevent any meltdowns (dietary or otherwise) happening, we’ve collaborated with a host of leading health coaching business owners on the ‘Becoming a Healthpreneur‘ series of blogs. They’ll give you answers to your big wellness marketing questions & solutions to the big challenges you’re facing in your business.

The series is all about successful health and wellness business owners freely sharing their best advice to help you design a life that makes you happy while you make others healthy.

To spice things up even further, in each post we’ll be exploring new ways to bridge business and health with the featured pro. With the help of their advice & insights you’ll be able to whip your health coaching business into shape in no time.

A taster of the latest posts & what’s coming up in the Becoming a Healthpreneur series: 

A few of the experts featured in the series include:

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Meet the team behind the keyboards:

The UX Advisors -James Longley- Conversion Copyriter.
The UX Advisors -James Longley- Conversion Copyriter.

James Longley

  • Content Strategist
  • Kayaker & Paleo enthusiast
The UX Advisors -Sveta Kornienko- Conversion Consultant
The UX Advisors -Sveta Kornienko- Conversion Consultant

Sveta Kornienko

  • Online Marketing Strategist
  • Believer in nutrition’s healing power