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Meet Healthpreneur's London website copywriting team - health copywriter, James Longley and website optimisation consultant, Sveta Longley.

Website copywriting to help you build a life-changing health business

At the last count, 94% of your potential clients started their search for your services online. It's never been more important to have a compelling online presence that immediately communicates your business value with absolute clarity.

That’s why we offer website copywriting that:

  • Helps your ideal clients find you online through search 
  • Ensures your website perfectly captures your brand essence 
  • Leverages brand storytelling to create loyal long-term clients

"Like so many health coaches, I’m trying to do too much: nutrition, personal training, pelvic health, hormone health as well as the millions of other jobs that come with running a small health coaching business on my own. Oh and I have young kids! The advice and guidance I get from Sveta & James has proved invaluable time & again and it’s what I am turning to in order to get myself and my business back on track. Thanks again.” 

Denise Chester,  Founder of Hormone Health Solutions


Entrepreneurs, foodies, digital geeks & health-obsessed optimists dedicated to your business growth

We're a London-based husband and wife team who left the corporate world behind us to pursue our shared passions & fulfil the dream of being our own bosses.

We’re incredibly proud to now be providing website copywriting services, support & guidance to inspirational health business owners on a mission to improve the lives of as many clients as possible.

health copywriter

James Longley is Healthpreneur’s ‘man behind the keyboard’, James is a health copywriter and content strategist who loves to write – whether it’s crafting copy for clients, blogging for Healthpreneur or working on a creative project of his own.

Sveta Longley is an online marketing strategist with 8 years’ digital marketing, conversion optimisation and marketing strategy experience at companies in both Prague and London, including one of London’s leading agencies.

The journey to Healthpreneur

We’ve both had our fair share of health issues in the recent past –and they gave us the final push we needed to create Healthpreneur – a dream we’d been planning for a long time.

Since establishing Healthpreneur we've been fortunate enough to meet countless inspirational health business owners who, through our website copywriting services, we've been able to help to share their passion for their products and services - and the effects they have on their clients. 

Yet we noticed 1 common denominator in all of those business owners: 

Frustration & overwhelm at the seemingly insurmountable challenge of finding & reaching the people who need what they offer.

After all, there's a hell of a lot of noise out there and it's hard to get your voice heard.

We created Healthpreneur to help health business owners like yourself to build life-changing on & offline businesses through client-focused online marketing that’s about help, not hype.


    Since then we've provided website copywriting services for some of the world’s top companies, both big...

    website copywriting for health businesses

    and small...

    "Healthpreneur really went above and beyond just making my website look and sound more professional, they also really helped me see how I could get it all off the ground, and how I (despite my lack of natural talent :) could get social media to work for me. Their ongoing support has and continues to be totally invaluable, and I’m SO pleased I made the decision to make this professional investment in my business. Onwards and upwards from here! :)

    Linda Albinsson, Registered Nutritional Therapist, Founder of Health Hug


    We believe that creating a business you love is a process that’s never 'done'

    Put simply, it’s our belief that you will always be ‘becoming’ a Healthpreneur – adjusting your business direction, learning more about your ideal client, changing your services as your knowledge grows.

    We have the same growth mindset as you do, which is why our own learning process is ongoing and we pass our knowledge over to you in the form of blogs, podcasts, videos, challenges & our Facebook group.

    Ready to level up your health business?